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Companion Pet Rescue #dontshopadopt

I am refreshed and my heart is full. It has been far too long since Beth and I have received our quota of puppy snuggles (ok so there were some adults mixed in too). With us being ridiculously busy through the summer, we have neglected our Companion Pet Rescue family. But we're back and this is the fruit of our Sunday afternoon. I don't know if it's because we've been absent for a while or if we as a rescue have had a massive influx of adorableness, but this round of pups just melted me.  Maybe it's because of this high of cuteness but I'd like to offer anyone with the goodness to make one of these (or any CPR) pup a member of your tribe a complimentary family photo session. Yes the dog does need to be there too...

Calzone could stand some beefing up. Especially if he is ever to live up to his name ;)

Someone put his sassy pants on for this one...

This guy could not get enough of the leaves...


That face though!!!!

I'll be perfectly honest with you, Fletcher almost came home with us. If only we didn't have a full house already. He is such a chill pup. Not to mention a righteous snuggler.

And last but not least, this is our foster Yazoo. He is such a great pup. With a few caveats. He is not a fan of male dogs and he takes up way too much of my bed... He is a lap dog through and through. Every chance he gets he is my neck pillow on the couch or he's hanging out with me in the studio. Extra bonus points (aka I'll throw in some prints from your family session) to the family that takes this bundle of awesome. I'd love to keep him around but we need to make room for the next foster. #dontshopadopt