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Film's not dead

About a year ago, I picked up my first film camera in nearly a decade. A photographer friend of mine had this camera that was just collecting dust (metaphorically, this guy is a bit of a nut when it comes to his gear) so I just had to add it to my tool box. Ever since then, I've had the idea for this project kicking around in my head. I want to do a figure study of instruments. Not a musician myself, but sharing a name with a mode I've always been drawn to music and the instruments that make it. Here is the first installment of what I'm sure will be a rather involved project.

Full disclosure: these images were not shot with film. These are my digital Polaroids if you will. My development shots. Once I got things the way I wanted them, that's when the Mamiya loaded with Tri-X came out.

A big thank you to Bethel Music Center for being such gracious hosts and genuinely awesome people.

If you would like your instruments (perhaps you are a maker, collector, refurbisher) featured in this project, I'd love to talk with you. Shoot me an email to: dorian.mode.photography@gmail.com

2015 02 13 Instrument Figure Study_0004.jpg
2015 02 13 Instrument Figure Study_0008.jpg